Hand Surgeon Prescribes Dermatos® Finger Prostheses for Patient that Suffered a Workplace Accident

Doctor’s Notes: Matthew Salzman is a 33 year old male who experienced an accident at work, resulting in the amputations of the index and middle fingers on his left hand which left only a small portion of his proximal phalanxes. Custom-made silicone finger prostheses are required to restore the hand and bring the patient to an acceptable level […]

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Four Keys to an Excellent Finger Prosthesis

1.  Character A prosthesis should be similar in character to the existing fingers.  Look closely at your real skin:  the precise shape to each finger, the lines under each knuckle, and the way that fingerprints go all the way down (not just the tips).  Fingernails should be natural to the individual. 2.  Color A finger […]

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Interview in NEWS-Line for Physical and Occupational Therapists

05/01/2014 NEWSRoom | Source: NEWS-Line Emil Dovan works for Alatheia Prosthetics fabricating and fitting functional, aesthetic prosthetics for amputees. He works closely with patients and rehabilitation providers to not only educate them on prosthetic options but also to ensure the proper physical and emotional function of his clients. He holds a BS in Health & Physical Education, in […]

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Can Sensation be Restored by an Artificial Finger?

“I tap my fingers and I feel the sensation travel through them. I find that amazing. Also, my new fingers provide the extension that I need for performing everyday tasks at work. I cannot express how well this has helped me to overcome my injury. My focus has returned to what I am doing instead […]

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Why Custom Finger Prostheses?

A client’s greatest desire is to be complete or whole again. The loss of an upper extremity such as a finger or hand may have severe physical and emotional consequences for an individual. It is a serious threat to the individual’s core identity. Fingers and hands are often the only exposed part of the body […]

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