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Our prosthetics look like your skin.

And they act like your hand.


“So lifelike my family didn’t notice.”

When a hand surgeon prescribed a custom prosthesis, Matt was amazed by his new fingers.


Why Custom Finger Prosthetics?

A client’s greatest desire is to be complete or whole again. The loss of an upper extremity such as a finger or hand may have severe physical and emotional consequences.


Looks Great.

We care about the exact shape of your finger, the lines of your knuckles, and fingernails you will recognize.


Fits Right.

We custom fit the attachment area to fit you exactly.


Our medical-grade silicone makes the most durable prosthesis you can find.

Can sensation be restored?

“I tap my fingers and I feel the sensation travel through them. I find that amazing.


“I am very appreciative of all the hard work everyone put into making my prosthesis as realistic as possible. My family and friends are as impressed with how life-like it is.”


“Having this prosthesis done was a great experience. I want to thank you for all your hard and gorgeous work. This prosthesis resembles all the effort and love you placed into making it possible.”


We can help.

Finger Prosthetics is powered by Alatheia and available worldwide.