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Your hand’s fingers are one of the most vital parts of your body that help you deal with various daily tasks such as buttoning your shirt, typing your shoe laces, writing, and making a solid grip to hold the objects. Unfortunately, every year, millions of people lose their important parts in terrible illnesses or accidents. Looking for silicone prosthetic fingers near me? Your search ends at FingerProsthetics.

With decades of hands-on experience and expertise in custom silicone prosthetic fingers, our specialists protect sensitive tissue, improve function, and normalize appearance. We know how to provide a better artificial finger solution and use expertise to mimic the texture, color, and clarity of your skin and nails to create prosthetic fingers with a natural appearance. We work closely with the patients and their families to understand the need for finger prosthetics for finger amputees.

FingerProsthetics is a new ray of hope to produce natural and lifelike finger prostheses for patients in New York and across the area. Our prosthetic fingers for amputees can help our clients regain almost complete control over the movement of their hands. The amputees can choose these premium-quality medical-grade silicone fingers in various types that may vary in design and the level of functionality they offer.

Obtain the Best Artificial Finger Replacement Solution in New York

At FingerProsthetics, we ensure our silicone-made artificial fingers offer amputees a secure fit and include every detail of their anatomy, including wrinkles, pores, and fingerprints. Our finger amputation solution protects your surgical site, offers extension, and can help improve your grasp.

Why Hire FingerProsthetics for Functional Prosthetic Fingers in New York?

Silicone-based finger prosthetic services are a boon for amputees who help them restore a portion or all of an absent finger. At FingerProsthetics, we feel proud to be a reputed prosthetic agency renowned for custom finger amputee support solutions. Our prosthesis experts craft tailored fingers for each individual with great care and attention to detail, considering all color, shape, texture, and fit information. We ensure that our functional finger prosthesis process is invasive and pain-free. Wearing our prosthetic silicone fingers not only normalizes the appearance of the patient’s hand but also protects against sensitivity at the amputation site and can restore some aspects of function. Our finger restoration process improves prehension and fine motor skills.

Silicone prosthetic fingers may be needed due to :

Congenital or birth difference, such as Amniotic band syndrome or symbrachydactyly (missing or underdeveloped fingers)
Surgery – finger amputation due to cancer or tumor removal
Chronic Diseases such as diabetes or scleroderma resulting in finger amputation
Serious injury – work-related injuries, burns, or other traumas

Salient Features of our Cosmetic Finger Prosthesis Service

Our prosthesis specialists employ custom-design silicone finger prostheses matched to the amputees’ hand. It helps them with high functional benefits, such as counter-support for grasping objects, a good finger grip for handling coins or using a keyboard, and gaining more control in everyday routine tasks. We ensure our silicone finger prosthesis is secured to the residual limb without inconvenient closures.

Finger Prosthetics

In addition to our custom finger prostheses, we have a more affordable option with our Economic Standard™ and Dermatos finger prostheses

Thumb Prosthetics

Thumb Prostheses are custom made to each individual. This strict customization is necessary to ensure proper engineering and accuracy.

Partial Hand Prosthesis

Every situation is unique, but we have provided solutions for a wide variety of needs.

Real Life Examples

finger prosthetic

...and they act like your hand.

“So lifelike my family didn’t notice.”

When a hand surgeon prescribed a custom prosthesis, Matt was amazed by his new fingers.


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We produce natural and life like finger prosthetics and hand prosthetics for patients all across the world.

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Can sensation be restored?

Prosthetic Finger Tips

“I tap my fingers and I feel the sensation travel through them. I find that amazing.

Why Custom Finger Prosthetics?

A client’s greatest desire is to be complete or whole again. The loss of an upper extremity such as a finger or hand may have severe physical and emotional consequences.

finger prosthetic
Looks Great

We care about the exact shape of your finger, the lines of your knuckles, and fingernails you will recognize.

Fits Right

We custom fit the attachment area to fit you exactly.


Our medical-grade silicone makes the most durable prosthesis you can find.

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LS Half Finger a
LS Full Finger a
LS Partial Hand b
LS Partial Hand s


finger prosthetic

“I am very appreciative of all the hard work everyone put into making my prosthesis as realistic as possible. My family and friends are as impressed with how life-like it is.”

finger prosthetic

Having this prosthesis done was a great experience. I want to thank you for all your hard and gorgeous work. This prosthesis resembles all the effort and love you placed into making it possible.

finger prosthetic

I can't thank the team enough for crafting such a lifelike prosthesis. It's truly boosted my confidence and changed my life for the better.

finger prosthetic

I'm beyond impressed with the craftsmanship and precision that went into making my prosthesis. It's given me a newfound sense of confidence and freedom.


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