Care of Prosthesis


The nails on your prosthesis can be painted with regular nail polish. You may paint your nails as frequently as desired; however, when removing the nail polish please use non-acetone nail polish remover.


Although there are no prostheses that are more stain-resistant, there are some substances that may stain your prosthesis. Avoid the following: wearing unwashed new clothing, bleach, tobacco smoke, permanent markers, carbon paper, and “carbonless-carbon” paper.

If your prosthesis becomes stained, quickly wash it with soap and alcohol. If the stain does not come out, send it to us immediately to remove the stain.

Care of Prosthesis

Although these prostheses are very strong and durable; oils will damage them over time. Since oils will seep into the silicone skin, they saturate the silicone matrix and cause damage.

As a result, hair and body products that contain oils should not be used when wearing the prosthesis. When your prosthesis comes into contact with oil it is recommended you wash your prosthesis with soap and water immediately. Use of oil or oil-based lubricants on your prosthesis will void the warranty.


If you damage your prosthesis in any way, send it to us immediately. In most cases, we can repair the prosthesis to where the damage is almost undetectable. If you wait to send in a prosthesis for repair, we may not be able to repair the prosthesis properly. Avoiding sending a damaged prosthesis to us for repairs is considered an abuse of the prosthesis and will therefore void the repair warranty.