Use of Prosthesis

Putting Your Finger Prosthesis On

Apply a thin layer of the supplied lubricant to the appropriate areas. Gently push the prosthesis on, making sure all air is pushed out. If the prosthesis slides or rotates after the application, then too much lubricant was used. If you run out of the lubricant, you may replace it with KY Jelly or a similar product. If your lubricant is not available, then use soap and water. Never use Vaseline or oils to put the prosthesis on. When using jewelry to cover transition lines, always put the jewelry on before putting on the prosthesis.

Removing Your Finger Prosthesis

Remove your prosthesis by pinching the prosthesis toward the open end. This will allow air to travel into the prosthesis as you are slowly pulling the prosthesis off. It may be necessary to repeat the pinch and pull again if the suction is not broken. When using jewelry, use extra care when removing the prosthesis.

Bending Your Finger

If you have an armature installed in your finger prosthesis, always bend the finger at the middle knuckle only. Bending the armature at the fingernail can very easily result in the armature puncturing the surface of the skin.

Use of Prosthesis

Proper use of your prosthesis is very important for the longevity of your prosthesis. Never sleep with your prosthesis. Constant wear of your prosthesis for extended periods of time may cause skin irritation. Do not wear your prosthesis over any unhealed cuts or sores, as they will increase your risk of infection.

If your prosthesis causes a skin irritation after a few hours, note how long it was before the irritation started and wear the prosthesis for this length of time every day for one week. Then slowly increase the length of time you wear the prosthesis every few days. This gradual increase in usage will allow your body to adapt to the prosthesis.

When putting on clothing it is important to recognize that silicone will stick to cloth. As a result, the use of smooth liners (such as satin) in jackets or coats is recommended. If you are unable to use a smooth liner you may use a bag to cover the prosthesis when putting on long sleeves.