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Why Custom Finger Prosthetics?

In one word? Wholeness.

A client’s greatest desire is to be complete or whole again. The loss of a finger or hand often has severe consequences for an individual. Hands and fingers are, after our faces, the most exposed part of our bodies. And therefore, many find public places, intimate relationships, and employment too daunting.

We prioritize the emotional wellness of our clients.

Unfortunately, health care providers often have a different perspective than their patients about what matters most. We value function, comfort, and appearance.

We believe in creating the most realistic, lifelike prosthetics on the market.

Therefore, we specially create our prosthetics for each finger amputee. What do we use? Our high-strength hypoallergenic medical grade silicone. Made by Alatheia Prosthetics, we meticulously size and sculpt the fingerprints, pores, and fingernails. This process sets the Dermatos product apart. Dermatos nails are extremely durable and may even be painted and treated like real nails.