About Us

FingerProsthetics.com’s main function is to rehabilitate amputees through the process of prosthetic fabrication and fitting. Whether individuals with limb differences are congenital or traumatic, we exist for those who wish to overcome their disability through the aid of prosthetic devices. Based on the specific needs of each client, we fit devices with active function or passive function that are fabricated by industry-leading producers.

Although we can supply any type of prosthesis – from the very simple to the most technologically advanced, our primary focus is on highly functional custom-made aesthetic restorations – prostheses that are “true” looking. Such “true to life” custom-made prostheses exceed all others in quality and patient satisfaction. Based on years of clinical experience, we believe that in order for an aesthetic prosthesis to be successful in aiding rehabilitation, it must look as natural as possible.

This gives our clients the ability to interact with their family, friends, business associates, clients, and customers without their amputation or prosthesis being noticed.

In today’s socially orientated society, visually obvious mechanical prosthetic devices may not provide full rehabilitation for many prosthesis wearers. Bank tellers, salespeople, lawyers, physicians, actors, entertainers, secretaries, receptionists, hosts, hostesses, and teachers are just a few of the professions where aesthetic restorations allow for optimum rehabilitation. In fact, many with limb differences that are not employed also desire aesthetic restorations because it enables them to confidently interview without the distraction of their condition.

Therefore, our rehabilitation focus is one of deep psychological and emotional importance, an aspect of rehabilitation that, we believe, has gone primarily unnoticed in the prosthetic community for too long.